Water-Cooled Packaged Air-Conditioners 5-20 RT

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Features and Benefits - Scope of Supply

-        The Trane commercial self-contained air conditioners are designed for commercial and industrial application

-        Factory packaging and testing reduces field labor and installation risk, time, cost and improves system reliability.

-        Minimizes needed and cost for fire dampers and air shafts.

-        Unit panels are fabricated of heavy-gauge steel, steel angle framework for maximum rigidity

-        With a voltage utilization range of plus or minus 10% of nameplate voltage

-        Internal spring isolation and sound muffling to minimize vibration transmission and noise

-        External high and low pressure cutout devices  are provided

-        Water copper pipe connection are provided for water inlet & outlet

-        Horizontal & vertical discharge position

-        Supply fans are double width, double inlet, forward curved centrifugal fan, statically and dynamically balanced

-        1” aluminium cleanable filter

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