Quantum Climate Changer AHU - Model CLCP

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Trane have been manufacturing air handling units throughout the world for the past 40 years. This proven world­wide experience enables us to develop a world class air handling unit, the new Quantum Climate Changer. Quantum Climate Changer is a combination of 4key elements:

1.    Globally    Integrated    Research and Development

A global marketing team comprising air handling specialist from Europe, Asia Pacific and China, Middle East, Africa and South America was formed to provide critical customer and market needs. A global design team comprising design specialist from the Trane Technology Center, USA, Trane Europe and the Trane AirHandling International Development Center in Asia was formed to developed a new world class air handling technology.

2.    World Class Manufacturing Facility

The Quantum Climate Changer manufacturing facility is certified to MS ISO 9002 and is one of the earliest American facilities certified to Demand Flow Technologies(DFT). DFT is a technology that takes quality to the people and the machines that produce the product. In addtion, Total Quality Control methodology within DFT brings quality into the manufacturing process at the point where work is being performed, resulting in consistent product quality.

3.    Performance Assurance and Commitment to Quality

Trane combines comprehensive performance certifications with thorough laboratory testing and manufacturing methods. Together, these elements assure that eachQuantum Climate Changer operates predictably and reliably throughout the life of the unit.

4.   Matching Technologies to Systems

The building industry is continuously evolving and the rate of change is accelerating. Technologies, economic, regulatory and environmental factors are verydifferent now than there were just a few years ago, which will affect the application and installation of the HVAC systems. Recognizing this and utilizing the Trane worldwide air conditioning system experience, the Quantum Climate Changer wasdeveloped and packaged to suit most current air conditioning system application needs.


The purpose of this catalogue is to help consulting engineers in the preliminary selection of the Quantum Climate Changer air handling units. Your regional Trane office will assist to provide a computerized selection to confirm or complete your preliminary selection. Where something more special is required, we have fulltechnical support in our regional sales offices and at our factory where non-standard layouts and configurations can be designed to individual requirements.

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