Light Commercial Split System 5-20 Tons

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Main features and Benefits – Scope of Supply



New design for serviceability, Reliability and Saving

Allows for full covering of all edges and uniform paint finish for a smooth, attractive and environmentally durable finish

This unit is the most attractive Light Commercial Condensing unit available

Each unit is provide with service valves, Hi-Low pressure controls and liquid line filter drier included

Giving the optimized operation and reducing service time 

For a modest optional price, the unit is available with factory install coil guards to protect the unit against damage after being installed


Powder paint process finishing

Attractive and Innovative Cabinet Design

Refrigerant speciality Items Standard

Single and Dual Scroll Compressors with excellent reliability and high efficiency, reduces 10% power consumption in compare with reciprocating



Designed to fit in tight ceiling spaces easily

Specially designed drain pan, we have a deep pitched the drain pan to catch the water and drain it safely away

Fully adjustable air flow for application versatility and for ease of servicing

Supporting the unit from below the unit, this will save the installer time and money

A well insulated cabinet with wide forward curved fans provide a quiet operation

Maximum application flexibility without having the extra inventory of dedicated models

Maximum application flexibility and performance

Capacity modulation for improved comfort and back-up the event of a malfunction with one circuit


Excellent drain pan

Belt drive

Quiet operation

Thermal expansion valve

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TTH Installation - Operation - Maintenance (IOM)
TWE Installation - Operation - Maintenance (IOM)
TTA Installation - Operation - Maintenance (IOM)

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