Large Commercial Split System 23-55 Tons (Origin Thailand)

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Features and Benefits - Scope of  Supply


-        Cornerstone compressors. New generation TRANE built scroll compressors

-        64% fewer parts for increased reliability, less rotating mass and friction for greater efficiency

-        Passed liquid without damaging the compressor

-        No crankcase heaters required-lower net power consumption

-        Quiet, reduced service time

-        Higher efficiency (approx by 10%) at part load

-        Provides operation at 50% capacity

-        Small equipment room space requirements

-        Coloured & numbered wiring

-        Micro controller

-        Protective devices for low-high pressure

-        Broad filter selection

-        Power paint in attractive dual color

-        Baked polyester powder paint is applied on treated galvanized steel

-        Capacities are gross and do not include evaporator fan motor heat deduction.

-        Rated at 380-415 V/ 3P /50Hz

-        Completely factory assembled and run tested


-        Compact Air Handler - Vertical discharge

-        Better comfort, better air quality

-        High efficiency evaporator coil

-        Permanently lubricated ball bearings

-        High CFM/Ton

-        Insulated and mastic coated, sloping drain pan

-        Standard motor and drive

-        Forward curb centrifugal fan(s)

-        1” washable filter

-        DOL starter

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