Helical Rotary Liquid Chiller 60-150 Tons

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To meet a wide range of applications in the 60—150 ton water-cooled market, Trane is 
proud to introduce the model RTWD helical-rotary liquid chiller. The introduction of this 
next-generation chiller is an exciting step forward in application versatility, ease of 
installation, control precision, reliability, energy-efficiency, and operational cost-
™ effectiveness. The new RTWD chiller is designed to deliver proven Series R
performance, plus all the benefits of an advanced heat transfer design with two low-
speed, direct-drive compressors. 

Important Design Advances and New Features

Major design advances include:
• Higher full-load energy efficiency that meets ASHRAE 90.1 and reduces both 
operating and life-cycle costs.
• Trane CH530 controls enable:
– Variable evaporator flow compensation for improved control stability with energy 
saving variable flow applications,
– Single chiller time of day scheduling communication option for easier control of 
small jobs.
• Dual independent refrigerant circuits.
• HFC-134a optimized design.
The industrial-grade design of the Series R helical-rotary chiller is ideal for both industrial 
and commercial markets, in applications such as office buildings, hospitals, schools, 
retail buildings, and industrial facilities. The reliable compressors, wide operating 
temperature range, advanced controls, electronic expansion valve, short anti-recycle 
timers, and industry-leading efficiencies mean that this latest Trane Series R chiller is the 
perfect choice for tight temperature control in almost any application temperatures, and 
under widely varying loads.

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