Helical Rotary Liquid Chiller 125-450 Ton

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The Water-Cooled Series R Chiller - Model RTHD offers high reliability, ease of installation, and improved energy efficiency due to its advanced design, its low speed/direct drive compressor, and its proven Series R performance.

The industrial-grade design is ideal for both industrial and commercial markets. The infinite unloading compressor, wide operating temperature range, advanced CH530 controls and LonTalk communication, electronic expansion valve, short anti-recycle timers, and industry-leading efficiencies make this latest Trane Series R chiller the perfect choice for tight temperature control in almost any application temperatures, and under widely varying loads.


  • Series R Chiller capacities range from 175-450 tons 60 Hz and 125-450 tons 50 Hz.
  • 83 dBA sound levels (60 Hz) 
    4 dBA reduction over the previous generation
    Improved tonal qualities as a result of extensive vibration analysis
  • Meets ASHRAE 90.1-2001 efficiency guidelines 
    Higher full-load energy efficiency 
    Energy efficiencies below 0.58 kW/ton at ARI conditions (60 Hz) 
    Comparable to many competitive centrifugal units 
  • Higher SCR ratings 
    Rotary design and minimal moving parts mean high reliability 
    Helical rotary compressor has proven design with over 75,000 chillers and 175,000 compressors operating worldwide
  • Only required maintenance - Annual oil analysis
    Recommended maintenance - Inspecting and cleaning condenser tubes as required 
    No shaft seals, shaft alignment problems, or gearboxes
  • Simplified piping and lighter weight 
    Improved startup temperature capabilities
    Reduced sensitivity to condenser water temperatures 
    All units fit through standard width double door 
    Standard bolt-together construction for easy unit disassembly 
    Factory testing helps ensure trouble-free start-up

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