Commercial Blower Coil Air Handlers (Model BDH(V)B )

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Commercial Blower Coil Air Handlers (Model BDH(V)B )

The Trane BDH(V)B Blower Coil units are designed to deliver a complete comfort system that makes it well suited for commercial application. They are very compact in size and are designed for tight ceiling space. These units are the most attractive commercial blower coil units by providing high quality solutions at a competitive price. They are designed for installation in schools, hospitals, offices, stores and other applications where cooling is required.

Trane Innovative Wavy 3BS Slit Fin Coil

Trane Wavy 3BS Coil technology is proven and tested to operate up to 650 FPM without moisture carry-over. This coil design also provides

superior heat transfer efficiency with its increased heat transfer surface.

Compact design

Small equipment room space requirement.

Durable Construction

Sturdily constructed with heavy gauge galvanized steel for frame and casing.

Built to last

Attractive, high quality baked polyester powder paint finish on Gl sheet metal-creates a strong and uniform surface that resists rust and scratch.


The BDH(V)B Blower Coil units are available either for horizontal / ceiling hung units or vertical /floor-mounted units.

Optional Hi-static motors and drives from factory

Eliminates need for field modification.

Assures proper airflow.

Permanently lubricated bearings

Longer lasting.

No maintenance.

Easy versatile installation

Fully factory packaged filters, coil, motor, drives and fan are provided to quicken installation.

Factory installed minimizes potential field problems.

Ready for startup at job site.

Easy of Servicing

The coil, motor, drives & fan are easily accessible for service through the removable panels provided on all sides of the unit.

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